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Highland Habitats - Michael Skelly

Highland Habitats – Michael Skelly

Highland Habitats, established in 2012,  have worked successfully in the private & public sector for 40 years in a variety of roles from Head Ranger / Keeper to Hill Shepherd, Stalker and Ghillie to Estates Facilitator and Project Manager.  

Highland Habitats have extensive experience in game  management maximising productivity and environmental benefits particularly in an upland environment.

Highland Habitats have an excellent record in developing teams and galvanising the teams to deliver preset targets and goals.

Highland Habitats take a unique and fresh look at implementing innovative ideas to produce land management solutions in a cost-effective manner. Highland Habitats have always taken the view that conservation and sustainable rural businesses can co-exist if coordinated correctly.

Our aim is to promote a truly holistic land management system that produces real and tangible results.

Highland Habitats - Highland Cattle in winter

Highland Habitats – Highland Cattle

Whether it be the use native breeds of livestock to maximise yields of natural flora and fauna or advice that you or your Client require to adhere to agri – environmental contracts, Highland Habitats can assist.

Legal wildlife game management services  deer  counts and culling, tick control, the use of acaricides, GPS based trapping plans, and muirburn are all available.

Our success is based on practical hands on experience that Estates and Farm Holdings function best as individual holistic entities which require to be economically viable.  Believing in integration, Highland Habitats can give Land Managers, Owners, Tenants and Owner – Occupiers advice on how to streamline their land management practices to maximise their margins whilst optimising the conservation benefits.

With extensive knowledge on how different Sporting and Farming practices require to integrate and how Estates require to function within the wider community, we also provide an Estate Facilitation Service which can assist communication between relevant Parties.

Highland Habitats - Waxwing

Highland Habitats – Waxwing